Pomegranate Crush Reiki Infused Candle


The candles are finally here! I team up with a very amazing, talented friend to bring these candles to you. I knew from the moment I heard her talk about her candles, I needed them in my life. Through our patience, determination and Divine order, this collaboration is now available.

Each candle is infused with Reiki, a universal healing energy, to bring peace and healing to all who come within its light. Made with clean burning soy wax and essential oils, they will not add any impurities to your environment.

This Pomegranate Crush candle is scented with pomegranate bitters. It's an alluring blend of tart red fruit + herbal florals, perfect for the fall season + beyond. Reiki-infused to bring peace + healing to any space it's in.

May you love them just as much as I do.

Best Always,

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