Truth Seeker (Rosemary Sage) Reiki-Infused Soy Candle


Oh, these candles! <3 I team up with a very amazing, talented friend, Rachel (at Third Eye Candles) to bring these to you. I knew from the moment I heard her talk about her candles, I needed them in my life. Through our patience, determination and Divine order, the collection is now available for me to share with you. I have a great love for tangible representations of the our soul's journey through this human life (i.e. the messages of my entire shop). Each candle label features an intention I've set out to embody in this lifetime.

Every candle is infused with Reiki, a universal healing energy, to bring peace and healing to all who come within its light. Made with clean burning soy wax and essential oils, they will not add any impurities to your environment.

May you absolutely love them just as much as I do!

Best Always,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

INNER FREEDOM (Lavender): Gentle, calming, the universal healing scent. Light this candle to come home to yourself. Let the flickering flame escort all energies not yours or serving you, as they gracefully exit your space. Light this candle to call back all the pieces of yourself left behind while you were busy "humaning" amongst the day. Call back the pieces left in the car or at work or lingering in someone else's space. Let the flame of this candle separate yours from what isn't. Light this candle to create a calm sense of peace both inside and out. May it release the programming and expectations of who and what you "should" be, and carve out the space to just exist exactly as you are. Life is certainly more manageable from this place.

THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER (Citrus): A bright, citrus scent. Light this candle to uplift your spirits and brighten your day. Light it in gratitude for all those things that make your heart sparkle and your eyes beam. Light it in utter contentment as you reflect on where you are and what you have ("this") and excitement for what other magic could be out there trying to find you ("or something better"). Let it illuminate the knowing that yummy things come to those willing to walk this lifetime as a conscious human, and recommit to your intention of leaving none of them unclaimed.

SACRED SPACE (Incense): A traditional scent for meditation. Light this candle to open sacred space and bless your prayers and meditations.

SURRENDER (Amber): Sweet and sultry. Light this candle to sink into everything for you in this moment, and let go off all that isn't. Let your human body have an intimate date with your soul and all that is Divine. May it serve as the reminder that you are not alone — you are both held and free — support is all around you, whether seen or unseen.

Lemons & Light Signature Scent (Lemon Verbena): Fresh, lemony, and herbal. Every experience and relationship we engage with holds an invitation. Should we accept, we are gifted another piece of our higher self to integrate into our human journey. Light this candle to accept those invitations. Light this candle to celebrate new beginnings and make a fresh start. Light this candle to say good riddance to the intenser soul contracts now complete.

WILD & WORTHY (Blood Orange): Strong and sweet orange and grapefruit. Light this candle and feel your power begin to swirl in your core until its expanded so far beyond your physical body that each time you place one foot in front of the other, you are stepping even more into your power. And with each step, fear effortlessly dissolves at your feet. Unbridled courage awakens the knowing that you are meant for more. More joy. More love. More freedom. Dance into the elevator to more, and take it as high as you wish to go. What do you want? And why on earth aren't you out there getting it? Life is delicious, and it needs you to simply be who you are in all your glory. Shine on, Beautiful Warrior!

TRUST YOUR KNOWING (Oakmoss): Deep, earthy, a favorite choice for men. There are so many parts within each of us that make us who we are. This candle holds space for them all without judgement. It is where they can rest and play. There is so much freedom cultivated in a space like this. Freedom to trust in our ability to navigate our path. Freedom for our higher selves to speak and freedom for us to hear the messages. Light this candle to connect to the quiet power deep in your being, the place where you know and feel your wholeness and divinity.

TRUTH SEEKER (Rosemary Sage): Herbal and uplifting, with a hint of sweet patchouli. There's always a current flowing into the waters of illusion. It is mucky and sticky; and it is not where you want to be. Just because we are complex beings doesn't mean things have to be complicated. Light this candle for clarity. To clear the clutter and cut through the fog. Get a bird's eye view on the picture in front of you, and know that you are well equipped to navigate this very nuanced human journey.

SPARKING JOY (Pineapple Sage): Earthy, sweet, tropical. Like a fruity drink on a lazy summer day, light this candle to be transported to tropical paradise. This candle reminds us that when joy is chosen with intention, there's less space for all that carries a lesser vibration. Light this candle to clear out all that doesn't serve you any longer, and illuminate all things operating in the highest good.

YOU ARE ENOUGH (Pomegranate Bitters): This candle is crisp air dancing on your skin as it gently wakes you from the slumber you dozed into while mourning the departure of an exiting season's warmth. It catches you off guard as it smiles wryly making you turn your head in surprise. "You might like it here, too?" it asks. Suddenly, you remember this familiar feeling. That feeling you've felt when something gone stopped being dreadful and started being...hmm... delicious? It's so alluring you'll begin to wonder why you resisted the change at all. It doesn't try to compete with the days past. It just reminds us why the present is quite beautiful, too. Light this candle to remember that just because something lovely is over, doesn't mean something lovely isn't brushing against your cheek. Light this candle to remember you were never lacking, even as you shed the skin into more of yourself. You were enough then. You were enough now. We can hold spaces for it all. Light this candle to flirt with the magic on the horizon. Dance on, Magic Chaser, dance on.

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