• Level Up or Get Out of the Way

    Cultured to believe all that exists is a relationship in which you must accept less than. To embody the truth that “nobody’s perfect” in a way that means nothing more than to settle for a man you’re expected to raise.
  • Unboxed, Untamed, Wild + Free

    Dear Me,

    Wow. Can I just say 30s look so damn good on you, girl!? I have to take a moment to tell you just how proud I am of all that you are (and all that you aren’t).

    I. Love. All. Of. You.

    I love how you’ve connected to your ability to feel energy, emotions, vibrations — both yours and others. Sure, sometimes it muddies the waters. You’ve had to learn to stay in your own lane, but you’re getting it. And, oh, how it allows you to connect. To understand. There was a time you didn’t even have the patience for your own feelings, and now look at you learning to hold space for others to navigate their own journeys. What an imperative tool.

    I love your anger and your ability to lean into someone else’s (not to be confused with tactical, abusive anger used to manipulate or control another — Lord knows, we both will never think that shit is cute) but you know, that soul deep, raw anger. The eruption of passion, outcries of injustice, and the rage of souls demanding to be seen + heard. Yeah, that.

    I love your bullshit detector. Your inability to conform. Your disdain for superficiality. Your love of truth. The way a piece of you is always scanning for new truths. The way you don’t even care how it’s delivered; if it’s there, you crave it and need to find it. It’s made success your only option, and I cannot wait to see where that takes you.

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